Susane at the ITV Festival Awards Show!

The 2011 ITV Festival Awards show took place on Friday, August 12th at the Hotel Renaissance in Hollywood! It was such an honor to be nominated for Best Actress for Comedy for Kosher Pig! Eric T. Patton, nominated for Best Director for Kosher Pig, and I await alongside Marilyn Monroe hahaha to speak to the press! I even donned a dress for the special occasion! Only when pigs fly right?! And Kosher Pig is flyin' high! This red carpet event was quite an experience! Got a taste of what it's like havin' cams everywhere! Here we are sitting at the Knight Rider table with Moon Cho, the creator of Kosher Pig! Although we didn't take home any awards that night, it was a memorable evening! Congrats to all the nominees and winners!!! Much love and thanks to the ITV Festival for screening Kosher Pig!!! XOXOX!!!