A dark comedic series which, after premiering at Sundance, went on to win Best Short-Form Comedy at the New York TV Fest and took Best Short Comedy at ITVFest.

Imagine some of the better observational segments in “Better Things” or the unpredictable, but deeply human stories in “Fleabag” and you’ve got a good idea of what Susane Lee and her co-creator Andrew Olsen are bringing to the table. It’s easy to see this becoming a fan favorite web series or developed out into a half-hour narrative, a la the aforementioned projects. Either way, we want more.
— IndieWire

susaneLand - Ep. 1 - "Elevator"

susaneLand - Ep. 2 - "12 Items"

susaneLand - Ep. 3 - "Mr. Tulchinsky"

susaneLand - Ep. 4 - "Hospital"

susaneLand - Ep. 5 - "Tutor"