Webseries DON'T MAKE ME SICK Wraps!!!

2 days, 8 episodes!!! Amazing!!! I play receptionist Angie in this crazy fun webseries! The director Stephanie Storey knows how to bust it out!!! They assembled an amazin' group of people!!! Mike Gandolfi (fellow Gilmore Girls actor!!!) penned this script and also stars as Dr. Carr...FUNNAY!!! Nurse Meg is played by Caitlin Muelder...FUNNAY!!! Brian Unger who plays the drug rep...FUNNAY!!! Brian Branly who plays the lab tech(pictured with me above)...thas right FUNNAY!!! :D No scenes with the flu patient played by Allison Dykstra but she ROCKS!!! Should be up and runnin' on YouTube pretty soon...will keep you updated for sureeee!!! Onward and Upward!!!