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Susane in the LA Premiere of 4000 MILES!

"Lee is hysterically funny in one scene, making Amanda kooky and delightfully unforgettable." - Don Grigware

"Last but not least is Lee’s deliciously zany comedic turn as a New York City girl smitten with a 'real live mountain man' till his grandmother’s politics makes her unsure if she can 'get it on in a communist’s apartment.'" - Steven Stanley

It was such a pleasure playing Amanda in the LA Premiere of Amy Herzog's 4000 MILES over at the Sierra Madre Playhouse! Directed by Christian Lebano and starring Christian Prentice as Leo, Mimi Cozzens as Vera, and Alexandra Wright as Bec. It was a fantastic run opening 9/26 and closing 11/8. So enjoyed all the Sunday talk backs and doing theater after such a long time...How I missed it so!!! Much love and thanks to all who came to support!!! Long live theater!!!!!